They say that reputation remains the most vital aspect of running a business, even though many owners don’t change much. Unfortunately, now that online posts can trigger significant concerns, every company needs reputation and review management services for their brand.

Whether a contractor encountered issues with a specific customer, or an online interaction didn’t go as planned, you need help. It takes an experienced digital marketing team to know how to field and improve your company’s reputation to avoid disaster.

In the short 3 years since our launch, House Painter Digital continues to assist companies with their poor reviews. In addition to screening new posts for problems or contacting unsatisfied customers, we do what we can to change minds.

When you speak with others on the Internet, it helps to have a safety net should things turn dark unexpectedly. Allow our team to remain there for you and protect your brand’s image and reputation with our helpful online advertisers.


Consumers tend to only focus on the negative, which often leads to remarks that sound harsher than what the problem stays. From harmful spam messages to misinformation, there remain lots of items to manage from your potential online customers every day.


Service reviews stay a double-edged sword, as people must see both good and bad ones to know you offer real solutions. From one-star reviews to customers who only make trouble, you can still count on us at House Painter Digital.

Need Reputation Help?

The internet is the primary source most people seek out information. Whether people want to learn something new, cross-reference a fact, or buy something, they usually start with a Google search.

In fact, even offline activities like watching an ad on TV, having small chat with a friend or reading a magazine drive people to search engines. Especially considering most people have access to the internet via their smartphones. What they find and read online about your business influences their perception of your brand.

Online reputation management controls your digital narrative which influences real-world perceptions and actions. But with all technologies, there are some limitations.

The vast majority of searchers never explore beyond the first page of Google. In turn, brands and high-profile individuals only get as few as ten search results to tell their stories. And that’s a massive challenge when there are hundreds of thousands of articles about you on the internet, many of which could be biased or misleading. Online reputation management ensures that your digital reputation is accurate and positive. House Painter Digital can help push down negative reviews and boost your public image quickly. Book your strategy call today!

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