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Do you have a great idea and vision for a custom app that will help your business grow? Do you want to know what it takes to successfully launch a world-class mobile app? House Painter Digital knows the complexity and real financial costs of building an app and getting it to market because we’ve done it. Our app is called Trusted House Painter and you can learn more about it here. And we can help start your app development!

App Development House Painter Digital

In order to develop custom software that is not only functional but appealing to your target market, you must embrace flexibility and be able to work with diverse teams - because it required patience and dedication.

House Painter Digital's custom app development team listens to your business goals in order to deliver the results you want. We help large and small companies navigate the complicated rules and procedures for high-performance apps that achieve lasting results.

We cover everything from brainstorming, designing, coding, protecting, launching, and marketing your IOS & Android app. Keep the ideas coming because you have the team to back you up!

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What's the difference between a website and an app? Well, quite a bit. Let us explain.

A professionally designed custom app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. Apps also store their data locally on mobile devices, unlike websites that generally use web servers which can slow the process of getting results. For this reason, data retrieval happens swiftly with a custom app. Apps can further save users’ time by storing their preferences and taking proactive actions on users’ behalf.

There is also a technical justification as to why custom and mobile apps can work faster. Mobile websites use javascript code to perform most of their functions, and the framework that mobile apps use can run almost five times faster than javascript code!

While all this happens in the background, users get to complete actions quicker on the front end of custom apps, again contributing to a delightful user experience.

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Our process of custom app development involves constant feedback from our customers. You will know where we are in the design, coding, and launching stages of development so that you don’t get left in the dark. We take pride in keeping our customers up to date and in the loop, because your success is our success!

Here's what you can expect when building your custom app development with House Painter Digital:

1. Discovery

Every custom software project starts with tech and business scrutiny of the idea behind the solution. This way, we ensure its feasibility to prevent our customers from walking the avenue of a potential budget loss.

2. Design

Defining the product vision to meet the customer’s business goals. Setting up a detailed project delivery roadmap and breaking the process down into manageable deliverables.

3. Implementation

Having all the requirements transformed into the product implementation, our software engineers move fast yet wisely, harnessing the full potential of the Agile methodology.

4. Testing and Quality

An integral part of House Painter Digital's custom software development process, the quality assurance phase sees us handpicking and fusing together the best industry practices and methodologies to detect bugs in the environmental context; not a single line of code leaves us untested.

5. Maintenance & Support

Making sure that your software works well and lives up to the technical and business expectations.