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KPIs template for house painting business

That the average painting business can unlock its true potential and maximize ROI by utilizing this KPI Template? 👇

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Yet, we’ve found that most painting companies are only utilizing 3.2% of what’s actually possible with KPIs.

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☝️ It’s not your fault if you’re getting mediocre results – you just don’t know which indicators to track.

That’s why it is super important to know exactly which indicators to track with using KPIs 👇

With Our Built-For-You Google Sheet

How everyone is doing it:
How you’ll do it using our KPIs template:
key performance indicators template pack for house painting companies

☝️ You can keep on guessing but it might be just way faster to take the work that we have already done for you.

⏱️ With our KPIs template that produce great results and save you time, you can say goodbye to varied quality and mediocre output.

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Here's how

Paul Stein Digital Agency FounderHi – My name is Paul. As a 20 year painter I’ve made a lot of mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes I made running my business was shooting from the hip and using opinions as data. I built a simple but powerful KPI Job Costing spreadsheet that helps guide your decisions with accurate data. I’ve introduced my KPIs template to other painters and their businesses opened up to the maximum potential. Now, I want to share that with you too.

Our proven KPIs will help you achieve quick results without any guesswork.

My team and myself knew how powerful this template is. That’s because we’ve spent countless hours testing it with real painting businesses, finding the best indicators to track for house painters.

Resulting in…

We came up with the best indicators to scale your house painting business. I hope you are ready to streamline your painting business and scale in no time.

Stop worrying about where your next paining job is coming from and start winning more jobs, so you can save countless hours and scale with KPIs 👇

Our Key Performance Indicators Job Costing Google Sheet Template comes will pay for itself after your first job! Instead of struggling to track the right indicators, you can simply start adding all of your current business information to the template. Modify the template to your business operations, or leave it as I use it. Whether you want to grow your team, reduce overall stress, or increase profit for your painting business, our KPIs have you covered.

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🤝 KPIs at your service. Just add your current data.

We give you example data to understand what your KPI template should look like. All you have to do is add your current clients and cash flow data. 

key performance indicators for house painting companies

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to unlock all the potential of your painting business and save yourself countless hours of manual work. Get your hands on our KPIs Google Sheet Template today!

the benefit of using key performance indicators for a house painting business

Sarah Karns
Innovative Painting


Jan. 24, 2023

I initially tried to create my own system of tracking my painting company data, but unfortunately, I struggled to track the right indicators for my business needs. While I had all the information I needed, I just couldn’t put it all together. However, utilizing the indicators provided, I was able to add all my painting business data, quickly see the overall performance of my business and find areas where I could make improvements to increase my profit! Moreover, it gave me a clear vision of my cash flow for the next 3 months which totally reduced my overall stress running my painting business every day.

Why most people fail building KPIs

💡 It might seem like a no brainer but 99% of house painters and other businesses using KPIs are missing the right Indicators, without knowing that with the right set of Indicators they would be able to get 10x better outcomes.

All in one pack includes everything you would need as a house painter. All KPIs are for painters and ready for you to add your data right away 👇

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Save yourself a lot of stress. Get more done in less time.

You can make KPIs yourself but with our real-world tested templates you will now know what exact Indicators and data to track in order to get the best result.

Dan Davies
DePenderable Painters


Jan. 26, 2023

I sort of don’t want other painters to use it haha. As these KPIs gives you an actual super power. So more competition for me. But yeah, it is the same as having a whole team of people helping you to build your painting business. Awesome.
Will KPIs scale your business?
KPIs have been around for a long time and are proven to work, so you as a house painter should adopt and learn how to use it. Otherwise, your competition will outsmart and outperform you in a very uneven game.
Find the way that KPIs would benefit you.
It is a very powerful tool that not many house painters are using. However, using them can help you scale your business, so it is up to you whether to wait or start implementing them now and finding the way they can help you beat your competition.
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